Military Life – Saying Goodbye…

Today I want to take a brief break in homesteading posts to talk about another aspect of our life – that of a military family.

This weekend, there were farewell ceremonies across our state to say goodbye to some fantastic men and women, our National Guard Soldiers headed to Kuwait. Many of these men and women were ordered to go, and they willingly do so out of duty to their Country.  However, many of these men and women also volunteered to go on this mission, ready to give a year of their lives to support our nation’s efforts in the Middle East.  I am grateful to all of them.

As I stood through the ceremony on Saturday for one of these deploying units, I was personally very thankful that my husband was spared of this mission (especially now so, as we are expecting little one #2 to arrive in August).  But, as one who has been through it, my heart also goes out to many of our friends who are saying goodbye-for-now, and enduring the heartache that comes with military separation.

The military talks a lot about “resiliency” – the ability to adapt and bounce back from constantly changing circumstances.  And these Soldiers and Families are resilient, some facing their third or fourth deployment.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Soldiers as they move forward with their training and mission, and for their loved ones at home moving forward without the daily presence of their Soldier.  We are proud and thankful for your continued many sacrifices.  And I can say, for my part, I will be praying for each of you everyday until you are reunited.

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