Food Friday – Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

For those of you that grind your own fresh flour, or even those who don’t but like fresh bread, here are a few whole wheat bread recipes.  I have not mastered the perfect wheat sandwich bread yet, but I’ve included the recipe for my favorite bread machine version, as well as a couple of links to others I’ve tried and liked!

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

3 cups whole wheat flour

1 ½ tsp salt

1/3 cup honey (use less if you don’t like it too sweet!)

1 ½ Tbsp butter

1/2 cup milk

5/8 cup water

1 ½ tsp active dry yeast

Put ingredients in bread machine pan according to the directions of your bread machine.  Select whole wheat setting (although I’m impatient and like the way the crust turns out better with the basic setting, so I just use that!).  Press start.  In a few hours your house will smell delicious and you’ll have a loaf of irresistible wheat bread!

If you happen to have spent grain from beer making (my husband’s favorite hobby), you can add in about a cup of the grains, as long as they’re without the hops.  It adds the most amazing flavor…and nutrition!

Here is a link to a fantastic wheat roll recipe, also for the bread machine (but recipe works by hand as well).  A portion of the flour called for is bread flour.  We increase the proportion of wheat flour, so we’re using a smaller amount of white flour in this recipe.

And lastly, a great Whole Wheat Sourdough loaf from one of my favorite homesteading blogs.  We’ll be discussing sourdough, including a sourdough starter tutorial and recipes, soon!

Enjoy your fresh bread this weekend!

6 thoughts on “Food Friday – Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

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  2. Your recipe sounds alot like mine. I really enjoy cooking our bread. I am going to try your recipe to see if there is any difference in taste or texture. I use a little more water and dry milk in mine. What percentage of milk do you use (whole , reduced fat or low fat) in your recipe?

    • We use raw milk…usually whole, although sometimes I skim off the cream for another use (which would probably make it like 1-2%). The original recipe for my bread uses water and powdered milk, but I figured out how much milk the powdered milk in my recipe made and substituted real milk for it, decreasing the water so the total liqiud amount was the same. Hope it works out well for you!

    • We got a manual grain mill for the same reason…to be prepared for whatever the future holds. If there was a prolonged power outage, we’d still be able to have flour to make bread and feed our family. However, with that said, I wish I could have both manual and electric! The electric for everyday use, and the manual for the “just in case”! But we decided that if we were going to invest in a grain mill, we would only get something that would last forever…the best…and that’s why we ended up choosing the Grain Maker. Those things are built like rocks. It’s definitely a good long-term investment.

      • PS – The Grain Maker is designed that you can also hook up a bicycle or a motor to it as well! So you could get it and still have the convenience of an electric mill, if you have the space and setup for it.

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