Garden Planning!

Every gardener I know is getting the itch.  It happens to us all this time of year.  Although we can’t complain about our mild winter (unless you’re a person that actually likes snow, like myself!), by this time every year we’re just itching to start our gardens.  Fresh produce!  Not the shipped-in-from-a-faraway-country stuff in the grocery store right now.  But real, fresh produce!  That’s what gardeners dream about in mid-winter!

So to fill our yearning, we start planning.  In January, we ooh and ahh through the seed catalogues, dreaming about all the fantastic varieties we could grow.  We place our order, and now it’s time to see if we can fit it all in our (usually limited) garden space!

I’ve been working over the last week or so to draw out our garden plan.  I love planning, charts, lists, etc., so this is right up my alley.  The photo above shows my main gardening resources this year, along with my planning binder.  I’ve made a schedule for seed-starting, reviewed the companion/antagonist charts and where we planted each crop last year, and plotted out our garden (although that chart is now obsolete, as we’ve decided to use Square Foot Gardening for most of our plot this year…back to the drawing board).  The planning is almost as fun as the gardening itself for me!  (Almost…nothing beats the taste of that first fresh-off-the-vine heirloom tomato.)

I wish you the best with your garden planning this year!  May we all reap our best harvest yet!  And feel free to comment and share your garden plans!

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