Food Fridays – Making Mozzarella Cheese!

This morning, my lovely Homesteading Group ladies came over and we made Mozzarella and Ricotta cheese together!  One of the ladies has made mozzarella before and was kind enough to show us how.  It’s much easier than I anticipated!  We got a nice lump of cheese when we were done, then tried using the whey to make ricotta.

That didn’t go as well…nothing went particularly wrong, it just didn’t make much.  We started the mozzarella with a gallon of milk, and got about 8 ounces of cheese from it.  When the ricotta was finished straining, we only had less than a ¼ cup of it.  Not really worth it in my book.  If you were making larger batches of mozzarella and had more whey to work with, or used the recipe in the link below with adding whole milk, then I could see making the ricotta, too (as it’s really not a lot more work).

Rather than try to give you a how-to, since I have only made these cheeses a grand total of one time as of today, I’ll just give you links to the recipes we used.  I encourage you to give it a try!  It was surprisingly easy and didn’t take very long.

Mozzarella Recipe

Ricotta Recipe

Enjoy!  (And when you’re done, you can go make a pizza with your fresh flour and mozzarella!)


2 thoughts on “Food Fridays – Making Mozzarella Cheese!

    • I started a homesteading group with a few like-minded ladies I know. We get together about once a month and do little projects like this or discuss topics (like one month we discussed homemade/natural cleaner recipes). It’s very fun and I learn a lot from the other ladies! I’d encourage you to start a group with others in your area! You can start with just a few people you already know, and then grow from there!

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