Chicken Tractors

Do you want to keep chickens, but don’t have a good place to house them?  A chicken tractor might be your best option!  Many people just don’t have enough acreage or a fenced in area for chickens to pasture, but that shouldn’t stop you from having chickens.  Chicken tractors are moveable housing for chickens, often build out of wood and chicken wire or fencing.  They usually provide a simple covering for shelter.  The great part about chicken tractors or mobile coops is that your chickens can be out in pasture, eating grass, bugs and other natural food, and when that area gets all scratched up, you can just move them to a fresh area.  (Plus, who is going to argue with free lawn mowing?)

You can build a chicken tractor yourself relatively easily (there are many plans available on the internet) and can spend as little or much as you want, depending on how fancy you want to get.  Check out this site for a little inspiration!

We’re looking at plans to possibly build a chicken tractor for our meat chickens this year.  Our laying hens are allowed to free range during the daytime (we have enough space for them to roam freely).  However, the meat birds need to be more contained.  Last year we set up a small fenced area connected to the barn, however they scratched up that area pretty quickly and then just had dirt.  We’d rather them be able to have some pasture, and think a chicken tractor might be the answer!

A few more for your viewing pleasure…


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