Let’s Make Sourdough!

Yum…fresh, warm sourdough bread.

Sourdough isn’t just yummy, it’s extremely healthy for you!  That’s because it has bacteria in it…yep, bacteria.  Bacteria aren’t all bad.  There are lots of good bacteria around us.  You’ve heard all the recent hype about probiotics, right?  In our sterile society where we want everything germ-free (and if you know me, you know I’m one of these!), we’re realizing that our bodies really need some bacteria.  Living in a perfectly sanitized environment is actually bad for us!  So we’re finding ways to incorporate beneficial bacteria into our diet and environment (most popularly in yogurt).  This is one of the reasons our family drinks raw milk and tries to use natural cleaners in our house, instead of the neon-yellow stuff that claims to kill everything.

Anyway, back to sourdough.  Sourdough is a great source of beneficial bacteria.  And if you’re up for a little science experiment, we’re going to catch some of those bacteria from our very own homes!  (Yes, you do have bacteria in your home.  Embrace it.)  This is a great learning project to do with your kids, and also a good opportunity to practice some baking!

Here is what you’ll need to get started:

Quart or half-gallon size Mason jar (or bowl…just don’t use metal, as it can react with the starter mix)

Cheese cloth

Rubber band or string



Gather your materials, and then come back Friday for sourdough starter instructions and more health benefits.  Next week I’ll post my favorite sourdough recipe (hint: it’s not bread!).


3 thoughts on “Let’s Make Sourdough!

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    • I hope you do and enjoy it! I love having sourdough starter around. Unfortunately, I had killed my last batch by not tending to it for too long, and it’s been awhile since we’ve had starter. I’m excited to have it going again!

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