Seedling Update

If you start your own plants from seed, you’re probably in the full swing of things!  When the weather was nice the last couple weeks (like it was where we live), you may have even gotten a few early crops in the ground.  We didn’t get anything planted, but were able to do some much needed cleaning out of garden beds in preparation for planting.

Our seedlings are coming along *mostly* well.  Unfortunately, we have “damping off” in our onions (even though I tried SO hard to prevent it this year!).   I did a quick internet search and found a few tricks to try out and see if I can save them.


So far we’ve planted:


Onions (yellow and bronze)




Brussels Sprouts

Peppers (Anaheim and California Wonder)




This week I have a whole slew of seeds to get started: tomatoes, eggplant, more lettuce, marigolds, cosmos and several herbs.  I need to get busy!  I hope your seedlings are coming along nicely!


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