Spring Cleaning – Top to Bottom Clean

It’s spring cleaning time!  Actually, I got a bit of a head start on it this year.  I’ve never been great about spring cleaning, but this year I’m determined to finish strong!  I’m working through one room at a time, making it clean from top to bottom.  Here’s my method – it’s very simple!


Pick a room for the day.  I try to schedule it out in my calendar, doing 2-3 rooms per week.

Bring your vacuum, a bucket of water filled with warm water and your favorite cleaning solution, as well as a rag and old toothbrush (for tiny corners and grooves).

Vacuum all the cobwebs and dust from the ceiling corners, as well as along any molding (I just run the long attachment around the top edges and down the corners, and along the molding at the bottom).

Then I get my rag and wash everything, from top to bottom.  I don’t try to get every inch of wall, but focus on the areas where I can see dirt or fingerprints.  Same for the door and doorframe, light switch plates, furniture, etc.

Last I use the vacuum attachment to clean around the floor edges, then vacuum the entire room.


Notice that I didn’t clean windows.  I wait and do those throughout the entire house at the end.

It takes me about 30-60 minutes per room, depending on the size and how much “clutter” there is to clean (although I try to take a minimalist approach on knick-knacks and such because I hate dusting, just keeping out the essentials).  It takes a little longer for the kitchen especially, because there I also have to wash cupboards and a lot more surface area.

There you have it!  A simple way to do spring cleaning!  Now back to that cleaning…

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