The Homesteading Balancing Act

Been quiet around here, eh?  I promise that I haven’t forgotten about blogging.  Let me tell you a little about the homesteader’s balancing act.

Homesteaders typically lead very normal lives – they just add a whole bunch of chores to it!  Most homesteaders have the dream of working for themselves and producing what they need, maybe having a small home business to support their families.  But very few I’ve run into can pull it off.  We’re generally working “normal” jobs, raising kids and involved in typical activities, all in addition to trying to raise our own food, taking care of needy animals and maintaining our land.  It can be exhausting sometimes just to sit down and make a to-do list (precisely why my husband hates them!).

This time of year is when the balancing act really comes into play.  Spring is full of activity for homesteaders.  So we’ve been busy mowing and weed trimming, garden prepping and composting, fruit tree and vegetable garden planting, storing up wood for NEXT winter, and the list goes on and on.  (Let’s add military duty and a pregnancy to that for good measure, and you know why this blog has been quiet lately!)

You may ask then, is it worth it?  Why not just go to the grocery store or farm market to buy your eggs and produce?  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But we homesteaders are fiercely independent…we like to do things for ourselves.  We may seem crazy (and sometimes we do, literally, go crazy balancing it all), but the joys and rewards we reap from our efforts are like nothing else.  So we keep plugging along.  We’ll never get to the end of our to-do list, but does anyone, really?


3 thoughts on “The Homesteading Balancing Act

  1. Keep it up. It’ll all be worth it because the food you grow and harvest will taste so much better and you’re learning skills that most of us will never learn. : )

    • Thanks! And we’re hoping that by learning these skills, we can pass them on to our children and start the cycle again! So many of these things that we’re learning used to be passed on from generation to generation…

      • Yea my mom grew up on a farm but we grew up in the city and I feel like there is so much we’re missing sometimes. But my parents have been working on a little farm for the past few years so we’re learning. It’s a great experience every time I go visit.

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