Tomato Blight!


Yes, the picture says it all…we ended up with blight.  If there is only one thing I could grow and harvest from a garden, it would be a beautiful, delicious heirloom tomato.  Yet, we seem to always have something destroy our tomato crop.  And this year it hit us again.  It’s unforgiving too, that blight, because once one plant becomes infected with blight, you know you are going to lose the rest of the crop as well.  Blight is like a terminal illness.


And then you have to make sure you rotate your crops (we do anyway), and be sure to burn every trace of the plant.

Really, I just want to grow tomatoes.  The rest of the garden is nice (well, honestly, more than nice.  It does afterall provide an increasing chunk of our family’s produce).  But really, I just want tomatoes.


And because I, like most gardeners and homesteaders, am the hard-headed, try and try again until it works type, I will try again next year.  (Although, in a moment of emotional weakness, I did tell my husband that I wasn’t going to grow tomatoes anymore…maybe I’ll just get disease-resistant hybrids.)




4 thoughts on “Tomato Blight!

  1. Blight hit us as well this year. Last year too, and we rotated the crops. My plants did produce a ton of yummy tomatoes, so I didn’t mind the blight, The plants just look ugly.

    • Yours must have not been as severe as ours, as most of our tomatoes developed the dark bruising spots on them. Not all though….we did get to enjoy a few!

    • Sorry this took so long to approve and post! I thought I did right away, but apparently it doesn’t work when I approve post from my phone. So sorry! And thanks for commenting!

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