A Day in the Life of a Gardener and Mom of Three….

Today is the perfect example of the balancing act of being a wife, mom, gardener, homesteader, and the many roles we live!  Here’s a glimpse into our day so far (and I emphasize so far…it’s only 2:37!):

Up early, baby crying for morning cup of milk, 2 and 3-year-old wanting breakfast.  Hubby heads off to work.

Breakfast, then getting the little ones ready for the day.

Settle the children into individual playtime so Mommy can get ready, too!

Baby goes down for morning nap, the 2 and 3-year-old pick up toys (with MUCH complaining), then sit at the table for our first homeschooling lesson of the fall.  Within ten minutes, 2-year-old has had enough sitting still, and 3 (almost 4!) year old is asking for a snack.

Finish up lesson quickly, get baby up, and get a snack for all.

Head outside to play and to harvest corn and carrots from the garden.  Kids are playing fairly well, so we also remove carrot tops and corn husks outside and feed to the chickens, which we then let outside for the day.


Bring in the harvest (and kids).  Let older two watch a short movie while I cut and blanch corn for the freezer, only I mostly end up playing referee.

Lunch (including corn, which I now realize we harvested about two days too late…it tastes starchy.)


One by one, get children ready for nap time.  Phew!

Head out to mailbox and to fill chicken waterer (which I had noticed was low earlier in the day).

Go back inside to make sure the kids are sleeping.  The three-year old comes out of his room saying he’s done with nap time.  Send him back to bed to actually get some rest.

Get a few quick phone calls made, outside, of course, so as not to wake anyone (also of note here was stepping in chicken poop in my first step out to the porch).

Decide to go outside to try to harvest the potatoes.  Get FIVE potatoes harvested when I hear the baby crying.

Head back inside, with filthy hands, which I scrub real fast before checking on the baby.

Settle baby, then decide to tend the blog (which I changed from my original post about canning tomatoes to this, because today is so typical I feel I should note it.), so I can stay close and make sure the baby goes back to sleep.

He does eventually fall asleep, only to hear my little girl up early from her nap.  It’s now 2:58, I haven’t started dinner prep yet, and I’m exhausted!  But we press on…





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