Storing Potatoes and Onions from the Garden

Once I discovered how easy it is to grow potatoes and onions I’ve been hooked.  Besides tomatoes, they’re among my favorite things to grow.  And unlike tomatoes, they are two of the easiest things to preserve for the winter!


Once the foliage of the plant dries up, in order to store potatoes, you need to cure them to toughen up their skin.  Same goes for onions.  But get this….it takes almost no work at all.  Seriously.  Just lay them out in a cool, airy place, away from sunlight for a week or two.  How easy is that?  If weather conditions are fairly dry, you can even leave potatoes in the ground to cure.


We use our garage during the curing time.  Even though there is some indirect sunlight, it stays pretty shaded.  Last year we used an old screen door propped up on wood.  This year I’m using my “greenhouse” rack that I typically use in spring for hardening off seedlings.  You can see that I had to put some cardboard down to keep the little ones from falling through the racks.

Last year our potatoes made it well into March.  I haven’t dug up the full potato bed (as you can see by the photo above), but so far it looks to be a good harvest!  And our onions were the best yet (the key being super loose, composted soil).


Mmmm….potatoes sauted in a cast iron skillet.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  (Unless of course, you grill them. And for us it is grilling season year-round…not because it doesn’t snow–we get a ton of it–but because grilling is so good.)

And check back next week for our (also easy) potato/onion/garlic storage trick!


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