We Can’t Do it All

That’s right.  You’re not superman (or superwoman)…just face it.  You can’t do it all.  And neither can I.  Let’s keep it real here.

Fall is here, school year routine has set in, the garden is mostly harvested, the chimney is cleaned and ready to fire up the wood stove (although we always hold out as long as possible!), and the leaves are falling.  All the things I didn’t get done this summer – all those lofty goals I had – have been going through my mind.  Including building a bookshelf out of pallets.  Including canning (more than we have).  Including improving the herb garden and planting some beneficial flowers around the property.  Including building a chicken tractor.

And including planting a fall garden.  Although we still have broccoli and swiss chard coming, and still TONS of peppers (the star of our garden this year by far!), potatoes curing and popcorn drying on their stalks, as well as parsnips waiting to be harvested after the first frost.  I guess that’s something of a fall garden, isn’t it?  Not to mention the cold frame my husband built for me and I planted a few weeks ago with lettuce, leeks, spinach, carrots and parsley that are starting to poke through the soil.  I guess I did sort of plant a fall garden, just minus the brussels sprouts.


So let’s all remember that we’re not superman/woman and not be so hard on ourselves, right?  Life in modern society is hectic.  As much as we try to live a slower-paced life, we have three young children, a full-time job for my husband, and a full-time home and homestead (plus church, plus volunteering, plus…).  You have your similar commitments.  Some days I wish I lived in a time period when doing the “homesteading thing” was normal life for everyone – then we could do it full-time.  But reality is that God placed us here in this moment of time for a reason, and we’re called to be content (even joyful) with the life He’s provided us.  (Besides, I really like electricity and modern plumbing.)

Pat yourself on the back for all the things you accomplished on your homestead this summer, get your winter prep done, then relax by the wood stove with a cup of coffee and your copy of The Backyard Homestead, and start dreaming of your goals for next season!







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