A New Little One…

So it’s been quiet around here again for the last week or two.  Have you noticed the trend yet?  When things get quiet on my blog, we’ve likely added a new child to our family!  My husband and I are foster parents for our county, and have recently welcomed a newborn little girl to our home.  As always with fostering, we don’t know how temporary or long-term it will be, but we’re all adjusting and adapting to our new (unexpected) reality!

I haven’t written much about fostering, mostly to protect the identity of the little ones we’ve taken in.  This is just our second foster placement, with our first placement ending in the adoption of our little girl.  It is the most challenging and rewarding thing we have ever done.  If you have a heart for children that have been neglected, abandoned, abused, or otherwise put in danger, I challenge you to seriously consider fostering.

As challenging as it is to do foster care, I have to say that I am so grateful for the way it has affected my faith.  It has made me dependent on God in ways I didn’t imagine (like just getting through the day with four children so little!  It IS possible!), and it has renewed the power of Christ’s redemption story in my life in very tangible ways.  Jesus’ resurrection has a whole new layer of meaning to me now, as I watch children being given a chance for new life.  (And just so I’m being completely fair, not all children in foster care come from awful situations…there are numerous reasons for a child to be in foster care.  It just so happens that the foster children we’ve had most contact with in our home and others come from pretty tough situations.)

Anyway, with four children ages four and under in our home right now, if it’s a little quiet around here, you know why I’m otherwise occupied!  But I’m counting my blessings and thankful for the little ones God has given us to care for!


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