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We Can’t Do it All

That’s right.  You’re not superman (or superwoman)…just face it.  You can’t do it all.  And neither can I.  Let’s keep it real here. Fall is here, school year routine has set in, the garden is mostly harvested, the chimney is cleaned and ready to fire up the wood stove (although we always hold out as … Continue reading

Storing Potatoes and Onions from the Garden

Once I discovered how easy it is to grow potatoes and onions I’ve been hooked.  Besides tomatoes, they’re among my favorite things to grow.  And unlike tomatoes, they are two of the easiest things to preserve for the winter! Once the foliage of the plant dries up, in order to store potatoes, you need to … Continue reading


This time of year is one of the most rewarding for us gardeners!  Whether you’re homesteading, large-scale farming or tending a family garden in your backyard, there is nothing quite like the excitement of harvesting your own food.  And for those of us in the north with our short growing season, the summer is packed … Continue reading