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Food Fridays – Oatmeal Blondie Bars

This is supposed to be a Food Fridays post.  It is now Saturday evening, but better late than never, right?  You’ll appreciate that I didn’t save it until next Friday to post when you try these for yourself. Tonight I have for you my latest snack/dessert concoction.  I’ve been trying out different recipes for my … Continue reading

Maintaining your Sourdough Starter

Look!  It’s bubbling!  This is a view of my sourdough after the initial 48 hours.  (Let’s just not think about how much bacteria is in the air at my house….) After you get through the process of feeding your sourdough starter, it’s ready to make bread or any other recipe you might desire.  In fact, … Continue reading

Food Fridays – How to Make a Sourdough Starter

Earlier this week, we talked about how good sourdough is for you.  If you missed it, check it out.  Another reason sourdough is so healthy for you is because those beneficial bacteria help to digest your food.  We eat a lot of food that is actually really difficult for our bodies to digest (like granola, … Continue reading

Let’s Make Sourdough!

Yum…fresh, warm sourdough bread. Sourdough isn’t just yummy, it’s extremely healthy for you!  That’s because it has bacteria in it…yep, bacteria.  Bacteria aren’t all bad.  There are lots of good bacteria around us.  You’ve heard all the recent hype about probiotics, right?  In our sterile society where we want everything germ-free (and if you know … Continue reading

Food Friday – Whole Wheat Bread Recipes

For those of you that grind your own fresh flour, or even those who don’t but like fresh bread, here are a few whole wheat bread recipes.  I have not mastered the perfect wheat sandwich bread yet, but I’ve included the recipe for my favorite bread machine version, as well as a couple of links … Continue reading

Grinding Fresh Flour

I’ll begin this post by stating that I am far from perfect.  I set goals, and sometimes I’m too tired or busy or lazy to accomplish them.  This is definitely one of them! About a year ago we saved up and purchased a Grain Mill.  I had done some reading that made me feel like … Continue reading

Quinoa with Black Beans and Shrimp Recipe

Part of my homesteading journey is learning to cook with ingredients that I have never used before, particularly whole grains.  I grew up baking with bleached, enriched, all-purpose flour (and if I’m completely honest, I still use it at times…remember, this is a journey!).  The grains we ate at most meals included processed flour (via … Continue reading