Food Fridays – Cheesy Potato and Leek Braid

One of my favorite recipes from childhood is the Chicken Broccoli Braid that my mom made (a Pampered Chef recipe).  That flaky crust filled with a creamy chicken mixture inside, and those crunchy almonds baked on top.  Just delicious.  Well since I’ve loved that so much, I’ve tried making braids with several other mixtures over … Continue reading

Food Fridays – Oatmeal Blondie Bars

This is supposed to be a Food Fridays post.  It is now Saturday evening, but better late than never, right?  You’ll appreciate that I didn’t save it until next Friday to post when you try these for yourself. Tonight I have for you my latest snack/dessert concoction.  I’ve been trying out different recipes for my … Continue reading

Felt Pumpkin Activities

I totally under-utilize felt.  It is such an easy and awesome thing for kids to play with.  They can’t break it, hurt each other with it, or damage my home with it.  I even have a felt board that I made during a craft in my MOPS group a couple of years ago.  Yesterday I … Continue reading

A New Little One…

So it’s been quiet around here again for the last week or two.  Have you noticed the trend yet?  When things get quiet on my blog, we’ve likely added a new child to our family!  My husband and I are foster parents for our county, and have recently welcomed a newborn little girl to our … Continue reading

Food Fridays – Black Forest Trifle

This week we celebrated my husband’s birthday!  He is a very special, hard-working man, and I thank God for bringing him in my life when we were toddlers.  (Yep, we met in the church nursery.) He has had a Black Forest Cake every year for his birthday since he was able to choose (except the … Continue reading

Wood Stacking (and little boys need work)

Beautiful, eh?  Like many rural folks, we depend on a wood stove for heat in the winter.  Wood stove heat was new to me when we moved out here, but I’ve fallen in love with it.  There’s not much more cozy than a fire going in the wood stove, with a pot of soup simmering … Continue reading

Food Fridays – Cream of Broccoli Soup

Remember way back when I posted about my failure with substituting cheddar cheese for velveeta in my favorite broccoli soup recipe?  The very delicious broccoli soup with velveeta cheese my mom always made growing up?  (Of course you don’t remember, you have a life, too!)  My memories of this soup bring me back to Sunday … Continue reading

Things We’ve Given Up – Baking Mixes

We’re full of celebrations around here lately!  The adoption of our little girl was finalized, my oldest turned 4, my husband’s birthday is coming up, and this weekend we will have a big celebration to officially welcome our daughter to our family (with an Oktoberfest campfire thrown in afterward for good measure).  Phew!  Lots of … Continue reading

Cold Frame Gardening

This year, we (err…my husband) built several new raised beds for our vegetable garden.  We use a combo of square foot gardening and biointensive methods, so raised beds work well for us (plus weeding in raised beds is so much easier).  Since we want them to last a LONG time, we chose to use hard wood.  … Continue reading

We Can’t Do it All

That’s right.  You’re not superman (or superwoman)…just face it.  You can’t do it all.  And neither can I.  Let’s keep it real here. Fall is here, school year routine has set in, the garden is mostly harvested, the chimney is cleaned and ready to fire up the wood stove (although we always hold out as … Continue reading